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Using Social Media for a Product Launch – Cisco Case Study

One of the earlier examples of Social Media taking product launches to a new level is that of Cisco launching a new Router in 2008.

While they had always had a social media presence, the decision to launch the product to market using ONLY social media was a bold move to prove the weight of benefits the use of these platforms was having on the company.

Cisco expanded beyond the existing presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and included the use of SecondLife virtual world, a 3D game, video conferencing, blogs, online forums and a social media widget that enabled bloggers to use videos, collateral and images embedded in news releases easily to spread the word.cisco-launch-quantumflow

The campaign successfully attracted 9,000 attendees from 128 different countries to the virtual launch events. Not only did they reach 90 times more people than they had with launches in the past, but Cisco saved six figures off its product launch costs.

Deeming this launch as one of top five launches in company history, the success of this launch led to a shift in the company’s marketing strategy with a focus on social media and having an interactive presence in the market with clients, including live Telepresence sessions between executives and customers, giving them face to face time – the real power of social media.


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A Serious Case of Social Media Frenzy

I used to work for a radio company running promotions (or generally just running around like a headless chicken), interacting with listeners, giving away awesome prizes (raiding the prize cupboard for chocolate), and something that I could not fathom was how the on-air announcers could possibly have time to update everything online everyday.

Take The Edge radio station for instance. On their website they have updates and links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Podcasts, they Stream Live their on air shows, have voting polls and generally an absolutely overwhelming swarm of ‘information’ to share with their audience.

Having worked for them, I know I fall within their target demographic (sure it’s the higher end of, but I’m still hip for it), but I can’t help but wonder, if the core business objective is to provide on air entertainment, after including an update on Facebook, AND recording on air announcements as Podcasts to be replayed by all those who missed it, does it really need to be tweeted as well? Social_Media_Takeover

Perhaps this is my cynical, minimalist, point of view. If you have something to say, say it once and say it right. But then again, even I have listened to ‘that phone call’ that went viral after Kate Middleton was admitted to hospital. Thought it is questionable if this is the sort of networking that builds listenership, because I don’t remember the name of the radio station that made the call, and I believe that the bad publicity really was just bad publicity in the end for them.

Perhaps it is time to consider a spring clean of all social media platforms in use to achieve a concise and targeted marketing strategy. Identify who and what tthe marketing is trying to achieve. I suppose after all, it is the life of a radio announcer to spend their work time online browsing the web for the most exciting things online, not many job positions can boast that!

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Using the Right Social Media Tools, Right

toolbeltEvery business knows about social media and the countless opportunities it offers. Most businesses have even jumped on the band wagon, joining Facebook or Twitter to interact with their customers. But are they using the tools right, or even using the right tools?

If Twitter is a place to post a thought, why would a company think it would be a great place to post a job advertisement? The very definition that led Jack Dorsey to name the social networking service “Twitter” is a “short burst of inconsequential information”. Is that the image a company wants to portray to the market about its job opportunities? “This is just tweeting without thought”.

Companies that decide to follow the social media route need to commit to it. Followers aren’t interested in reading post after post about how good the service is, what they really want to know is what great deal is available, or what the next exciting release might be. Even a good joke will keep followers interested longer than yet another post about how much someone enjoyed the atmosphere in store. What’s to ‘Like’ about that?
Social media comes in many platforms, each platform offers a different opportunity to interact with customers. Businesses developing a social media strategy should spend time getting to know each platform from Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to Blogging, and then develop a marketing plan to commit to keeping the posts current and interactive.

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