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Engaging in Two-Way Discussions

Social Media has allowed companies to interact with customers in real two-way discussions as opposed to the traditional “we speak, you listen” communication of the past. The key to opening up to customers successfully for businesses is to ensure they stop communicating with a corporate voice and start using a ‘human voice’.

Customers will start to feel they are being listened to and given open and honest responses to their questions and comments when they feel that they are talking to the everyday people of the organisation.

A lot of companies rely solely on (and often only really trust) their marketing departments to liaise on the social media platforms with customers, putting staff and even CEO’s out of reach and communication with the customer. This inherent approach can result in social media becoming a one-way broadcasting tool which is counterproductive to the interactive process that has garnered social media popularity.

This can also be true of internal comms in organisations, where despite utilisation of various communication channels including video, newsletters, emails and magazines, employees still prefer to hear the message from their immediate managers – i.e. the everyday people they know and trust. Using the correct communication channels will encourage engagement with staff and customers which will benefit the company through the insights they will obtain from open and frank feedback and discussions.

Organisations should consider the market they are liaising with and balance their responses using the right people and the right tools to ensure they benefit from constructive and honest opinions and reactions to their business.


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