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01/04/2013 · 1:44 pm

Using the Right Social Media Tools, Right

toolbeltEvery business knows about social media and the countless opportunities it offers. Most businesses have even jumped on the band wagon, joining Facebook or Twitter to interact with their customers. But are they using the tools right, or even using the right tools?

If Twitter is a place to post a thought, why would a company think it would be a great place to post a job advertisement? The very definition that led Jack Dorsey to name the social networking service “Twitter” is a “short burst of inconsequential information”. Is that the image a company wants to portray to the market about its job opportunities? “This is just tweeting without thought”.

Companies that decide to follow the social media route need to commit to it. Followers aren’t interested in reading post after post about how good the service is, what they really want to know is what great deal is available, or what the next exciting release might be. Even a good joke will keep followers interested longer than yet another post about how much someone enjoyed the atmosphere in store. What’s to ‘Like’ about that?
Social media comes in many platforms, each platform offers a different opportunity to interact with customers. Businesses developing a social media strategy should spend time getting to know each platform from Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to Blogging, and then develop a marketing plan to commit to keeping the posts current and interactive.

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