Welcome to my blog on Social Media. I will confess I am not an avid user of some of the most popular platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, and more than occasionally I am somewhat left out of the hubbub because of it. I’m usually the last to know when my friends get engaged, and my social calendar is probably somewhat lighter that it could be for the number of invites I never see on Facebook, but I still resist the pull towards this new norm – I’m the cliche of non-cliche!

That said, there is a most definite place for Social Media in the world today, and those who use it effectively find themselves reaping the rewards for their effort. There is certainly a small thrill that comes with a total stranger endorsing your ideas, so imagine the effect of hundreds or thousands or even millions having an opinion about what you do, and who you are.

I’ll be blogging about the social media in businesses and the opportunities social networking communication facilitates for organisations.

This blog is part of an assignment I am completing in my Social Medias paper as I work towards a Bachelor of Business Studies.

I look forward to your comments and recommendations.


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