Outside the Square Social Media

Technology advances have enabled exciting developments that gives businesses the opportunity to not only find out more about their customers, but also grow their business and tailor it to suit each person.

There has been much debate around the Bricks and Mortar strategy for retail versus moving to an online environment, where customers are tending to spend more time shopping for the best deals instead of heading into a physical shop. From a business perspective, operating costs are comparatively high for example, for a store location on the golden mile of the CBD than if they were represented online.

But store retailers can now arm themselves with technology that will enhance the physical shopping experience while still offering competitive prices. Furthermore it enables information gathering that will help them to refine their product offerings much like online retailers use.

Imagine walking into your favourite shop and pulling out your smart phone to “check-in” with the store, simply by entering a few specific personal details, you will be sent targeted digital deals available for immediate redemption while instore. Now imagine that store ‘remembers’ you based on a trigger in your phone so every time you come back to the shop, new deals are available as soon as you walk into the shop.

Technology like this is revolutionising the way we shop – similar to online shopping, customer preferences will be recorded for future transactions, personnalised promotional deals will enhance the shopping experience and retailers can begin to compete with their online counterparts with one unique advantage – the tangible, instore experience.

I think this is a smart way to take advantage to interacting with customers, without ‘forcing’ your way into their realm which seems to be how some businesses approach social media.


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