Liking LinkedIn

I marvel at the success in the very focused offering LinkedIn provides in the social network sphere.LinkedIn_Focus

With more than 200 million users as at the start of 2013, with a focus on professional networking, the platform offers business people the opportunity to update contacts on their experience and skills prowess which can help to entice head hunters. Additionally users can easily follow companies of interest and get notification about job offers and other potential business opportunities that they can use to their advantage.

And it’s not only the individuals who are benefiting. With HP recently breaking 1 million followers on its LinkedIn page, the opportunities for businesses to connect with this hugely relevant mass market are countless.

Expert blogs and aggregated business news content keeps users interested, and not only that, the 6.6 degrees of separation (or less in the case of little ol’ New Zealand) becomes very apparent as you grow your network and realise that you are frequently doing business with mutual acquaintances, which can often lead to even more ideas and opportunities for those with the know how to maximise their business relationships.

LinkedIn is no longer just the “Mum’s and Dad’s network”, with a growing community of young professionals and college graduates, users can utilise this targeted platform to grow their professional sphere, tap into job opportunities and maximise professional networks without menial information such as “Bought a pepsi at the shop today!” consuming precious time and space in the fast paced business world.


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